Hi. I’m a PhD student in linguistics at McGill University and Mila - Quebec AI Institute. My advisor is Tim O’Donnell, and I’m a member of the Montreal Computational & Quantitative Linguistics Lab. I’m interested in lots of things, but most of all mathematical linguistics, information theory, learnability, and the generative/expressive capacity of formal systems. I want to understand what human and machine learning can tell us about the underlying structure and complexity of language. Human language is complicated, yet we learn to use is expertly without trying. …How do we do that? 🤔

CV here.

I’m also a ballet dancer, formerly with Festival Ballet Providence in Rhode Island, The Vanemuine Theatre in Tartu, Estonia, and José Mateo Ballet Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I still try to dance as much as I can, while keeping up with my studies, and maintaining social distance…